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Ljubljana (pop. 293,000) is one of the smallest European capitals. It’s never crowded – but also never boring.


Dear athletes and all valued the visitors!

I am happy that a prestigious international event with a great number of participants from all over the Europe is in Ljubljana that will gave badminton even more importance in our city and country. It is very important that European nations are united in a sporting spirit. I am proud to accept the position of honorary chairman of the organizing committee and I will follow with interest matches between former top competitors and dedicated recreational players.

I believe you already saw the hospitality and natural beauty of our young country six years ago, when the European Championship for veterans was hosted by colleagues from Podčetrtek, and this year the heart of Slovenia, its capital, welcomes you with open arms. I am sure that you will feel at home with us and that you will feel the sports as well as the green and cultural pulse of the most beautiful city in the world, our beautiful Ljubljana.

Mayor of the City of Ljubljana

Zoran Janković

Dear badminton players, coaches, organizers all who loves badminton!

I am happy that Slovenian Badminton Association is hosting European Senior Championships again. Event in Podčetrtek in 2016 was great but I am sure that Ljubljana will be even greater. Tournament is being held in the biggest indoor venue in Slovenia and Ljubljana as a city offers so many different opportunities. That is also proven by the fact that Ljubljana was chosen as a top touristic European destination in 2022.

This Championship is the second biggest by entries, we have 1089 players and we are they will all have a great time in Ljubljana. Slovenian hospitality is widely known, if you have any question feel free to explore our web portal or contact info desk in main hall Stožice.

I also welcome all the players, other visitors and staff to players party on Thursday where we will have a great time and where will have opportunity to chat about badminton and other things.

I wish you to enjoy badminton, explore and enjoy Ljubljana and have a wonderful time with all your badminton friends from all across the Europe,

Mag. Tadej Šeme

President of Slovenian Badminton Association


Ljubljana is the political and cultural heart of the Slovenian nation. It is an important European commercial, business, exhibition and congressional centre as well as the transport, science and education centre of Slovenia.

Ljubljana is a city that people often return to, be it because of work or because of pleasant memories of previous visits. It is similar to a number of other pleasant European cities - yet it is different - and if you want to be fully assured that Ljubljana is an interesting, pretty and friendly place then just ask the locals - they love it.

A people-friendly city

As its inhabitants and numerous visitors will tell you, Ljubljana is, indeed, a people-friendly city. Categorised as a medium-sized European city, it offers everything a metropolis does yet preserves its small-town friendliness.

Its geographical position in the centre of Europe has determined Ljubljana as a natural meeting place for merchants and soldiers as well as - and more than once - peacemakers. The victors of the Napoleonic wars selected this peaceful city as the site of the Holy Alliance congress, which in 1821 sealed the European political geography for years to come.

The old meets the new

In Ljubljana the old meets the new; and it seems that history has spent all of the settlement's five millennia preparing it to become the nation's capital. It has managed to retain traces from all periods of its rich history; from the legacy of Roman Emona; through to the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods characterised in the house fronts and ornate doorways of the city centre, the romantic bridges adorning the Ljubljanica river, the lopsided rooftops and a park reaching deep into the city centre. Here eastern and western cultures met; and the Italian concept of art combined with the sculptural aesthetics of Central European cathedrals.

A city of culture

Ljubljana is a city of culture. It is home to numerous theatres, museums and galleries, and boasts one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world. The first music society in Slovenia, the Academia philharmonic rum, was founded in 1701. It was a vehicle for baroque music and also facilitated the development of musical production in this region. Its honorary members included such renowned composers as Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms, and distinguished musicians such as the violinist Nicolo Paganini. Between 1881 and 1882, at the very start of his career, Gustav Mahler was its resident conductor.

A modern and lively city

The first impression a visitor gets of Ljubljana is that it is an exceptionally young city. It is home to over 50,000 students, who give it a special vibe. As four Slovene regions meet in Ljubljana, the city's numerous restaurants and inns offer a wide range of local delicacies, not to mention superb wines. Ljubljana did not earn the label of "the city of wine and vine" for nothing. In the past it was the wine-trading centre of the region and grapevines were planted on the slopes leading up to the present-day castle by the inhabitants of the Roman settlement of Emona. Today scientists are drawn to the city because of its high-calibre institutes and university, as are artists due to its world-famous graphic biennial, art academy and countless art galleries. International businessmen, economists and experts from all fields frequently attend the city's many businesses and congressional meetings, exhibitions and trade fairs.

More exploration information can be found here : https://www.ljubljana.si/en/

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